Global Aqua masters the deployment techniques which perfectly matches customer's water treatment requirements. Apart from this, providing post-deployment services, maintenance as well as providing end-to-end business solutions are key features of the team.

Business Solution Packages:

Mineral water plant
Packaged drinking water plant
Packaged sewage treatment plant
Packaged effluent treatment plant
UV Plant
UF system water treatment
Mixed bed unit

Pretreatment plants:

HRSCC (High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier)
Tube Settler
Lamella Clarifier
Iron Removal filter
Condensate polishing unit
Remote Monitoring System
Desalination Plant
Zero Liquid discharge plant
RO Plant for dialysis water
Vehicle Wash Water Recycle Plant
Sullage Waste Water Recycle plant
Grey Water Recycle plant

Spares and maintenance:

Spares for RO Plant
Spares for UF Plant
Spares for DM Plant
Spares for Mixed bed polishing unit
Spares for Uv system
Spares for sewage treatment plant
Spares for effluent treatment plant

Software development:

Global Aqua has group of software professionals who works on the problems specific to the Water Treatment world.
This enables Global Aqua to provide all types of software development services and customized software development.


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